Learn Chinese 学中文

        Welcome students and teachers! I started this Mandarin Learning website to provide extra support and materials for students that are learning Mandarin, and for teachers that would benefit from some additional teaching materials. Under the 6th and 7th grade tab,  you will find links for Quizlet and Blooket for the unit to reinforce the learning of vocabulary. You can also find some listening materials.

​        The student project tab includes some of the highlight activities from my classes with some guided instructions. The Blog features some articles in Chinese about my journey as a Chinese teacher in the States.  (我在美国教中文)

Inspire and Motivate.

Cultivating Joy for Language Learning 

      My Name is Kelly Chen 陳冠茵 and I've been a Mandarin teacher since 2013. I taught at the college level for 2 years, and then transitioned into middle school. I've been a middle school Chinese teacher since 2015.  Born and Raised in Taiwan, I experienced the traditional way of learning- Memorizing... Being a student that wasn't gifted with good memorization skills, learning was frustrating and painful! I hope to give students the experience I wish I had. Every student should be given the opportunity to thrive.