Level 2  7th grade

    Welcome Back! This year, we will be building up from what we had learned last year. We will start with a review on self introduction, and adding on new information. Students will start to learn how to express their own opinions in simple ways​, and compare culture differences. By the end of this year, My goal is more students to be able to speak confidently and fluently on familiar topics and start putting everything together.
In 7th grade, we will learn to talk about daily lives, and  events in past, present and future. Students will learn how to buy things, and how to haggle. More culture aspects will also be presented this year. Storytelling will continue to take place in all the units.

Unit 1 Review and More 复习

Unit 2 Clothing 买衣服

Unit 3 Chinese Festivals 中国的节日

Unit 4 School Life 学校生活

Unit 5 Body and Health: Going to the doctor's 看医生