Level 1  6th grade

Welcome to 6th grade! I'm so excited you chose to learn Mandarin. Being a risk-taker and choosing something so different is not easy. While learning Mandarin can be challenging, I promise to do my best to support you along the way.
We will include 5 Units this year. Mostly importantly, I will get you started on understanding how pinyin, tones and characters work. In 6th grade, we work on familiar and useful topics , such as knowing how to introduce yourself,  talk about like and dislikes, or what food you enjoy. By the end of the year, you will also be able to read and write short paragraphs. 



​1. 老师好/老师早  Hi Teacher/ Good Morning Teacher

2. 早安/ 早上好/ 下午好   Good Morning(Taiwan)/ 

Good Morning(China)/ Good Afternoon

3. 明天见/ 再见 See you tomorrow/ Good-bye

4. 上课 (老师好) Class start/ Hi Teacher

5. 下课 (谢谢老师)Class dismiss/ Thank you teacher

6. 你们跟我说 Repeat after me

7.  听我说 Listen to me

8. 请你再说一遍 Please Repeat one more time

9. 有问题吗?   a. 没有问题     b. 我有问题 

Any questions? a. no questions b. I have a question

10. 懂了吗?/ 懂不懂?Do you understand   

a. 懂了   b. 不懂   c. 我听不懂 

a. Understand  b. don't understand c. I can't understand what I heard

11.  请你大声点、 请你小声点 

​Louder please/ Lower your voice please

12. 快一点、 慢一点 Faster/ Slower

13. 请安静/ 不要说话 Quiet please/ Don't talk


14. 等一下 Wait

15. 我可以上厕所吗?Can I go to the bathroom?

16. 我可以喝水吗? Can I go drink water?

17. 谢谢/ 不客气 Thank you/ You're Welcome

18. 对不起/ 没关系 Sorry/ It's Okay

19. 站起来/ 坐下 Stand up/ Sit down

20. 出去/  进来/  过来

​Go outside/ Come in/ Come here

21. / 关灯 Turn on the light/ Turn off the light

22. / 关门 Open the door/ Close the door

23. 电脑拿出来/ 电脑收起来/ 放回去

Take out your computer/ Put your computer away/Put it back

24. 课本拿出来   Take out your textbook

25. 功课给我   Give me your homework

26. 考试 Test

27. 拼音/ 写汉字 Write Pinyin/ Write Characters

Unit 1 Greetings 你叫什么名字?

P.7 Numbers ​数字

1-10 Listen Here ;  11-21 Listen Here

​P.8  P.9  Nice to meet you

P.8 生词 Vocabulary (Listen Here)p.9 课文 Dialogue (Listen Here)

P.10 P.11 What's your Nationality? 

P.10 生词 Vocabulary  p.11 课文 Dialogue (Listen Here)

P.17 Talking to a friend 

P.17 生词 Vocabulary  p.17 课文 Dialogue (Listen here)

Unit 2 Hobbies  运动和爱好

Unit 3 Family  我的家人

Unit 4 Food  食物

Unit 5 My City and House  我的城市、我的家